Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 67: 25 Days Until Christmas Skype!

Elder Green headed home (DOA) and Farley

Last Days with Elder Smith (DOA) and Farley
Hi Mom!

My Thanksgiving went well! We started off by playing some football in the morning with the YSA ward, the we had lunch with PK, then we relaxed a bit, and then headed to dinner in Encinitas with President Gwilliam (in the mission presidency) It was all really good, but we have tons of left over pie! haha. Sadly, I've had a cold for the past few days, so I didnt really do well playing football, and could hardly talk to people because I lost my voice. I'm basically all better now though.

As far as transfers go, we are moving our area to San Elijo Hills in San Marcos. My new comp is going to be Elder Arellano. He is from Idaho and has only been out a little over a year! He is super solid and is a hard worker! I am really confident in the future of the mission and the future of our new area too! We will still have Edson Range, so that's good!

The schedule will go like this:
1. Pick up greenies
2. Transfer meeting
3. Take departing missionaries to PKs house
1. Go to the Temple and then Mormon Battalion (if we have time)
2. Go to the airport
3. Finish up transfer stuff
4. Move in to our new apartment and start working!

So it's going to be good!

This next transfer we are also going to be getting devices attached to the cars that monitor where you go and when you go there, how fast you go, if you are driving safe, and so on. They will honestly be really annoying... But its for the betterment of mission-kind. haha. Thats going to be the 12th. The next event will be the Christmas party- I mean devotional. Thats going to be a blast! Still not sure on all the logistics, but regardless, I know it'll be a blast!

Mis companeros estan un poco trunky, but they're basically allowed to be since they have like 2 days left. It's been great working with them! I hope they come visit me in the next couple transfers! :)

Not much else has been happening. Just a lot of preparing for this transfer. With everything that I'll have to do, transfers is going to be the most stressful... So I have 6 weeks until the real challenge begins! haha
Transfer Meeting!

Thanks for the update from home! I love you! Have a great week!


Elder Brian Farley

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 66: Almost Thanksgiving

Hi Mom!

Yes, I need to polish my shoes... I'll get around to it soon, ok? ;) haha

I feel like our family can always be trusted to pick up the slack, even if it's last minute. I think that's awesome that we have that trust! And hopefully the sisters will be able to get that guy to take the lessons! You and dad could just secretly teach him without him knowing! You could invite him to read out of the BofM, pray about it, teach him the commandments, and he'll be all ready without even knowing it! haha

I feel like our Thanksgivings have been pretty low key for the past few years. I don't think that's a bad thing. Our Thanksgiving will be pretty fun it looks like. We will have a little meal with PK and SK, and then we will also have a dinner with a member family! And obviously we will have a Turkey Bowl in the morning. I think our ward isn't having one, so we'll be ward hopping;) haha

I liked the pictures you sent. Grandpa is so funny! I showed Elder Smith the picture of him looking angry, and he said Gpa looks like the cliche old person. Like the "get off my lawn" old person haha. I know he's just joking though.

I think Sean is going to have an enjoyable time no matter where he goes! I hope he does well on finals!

The video is going well. I have been in prepping mode for quite a while, but we have the recording equipment, singers, piano player, time and place that we'll record at for our mission song! All of that came together really nicely! I have been taking videos of the missionaries as well, but I will need to take a lot more before I put anything together. I guess the only thing that I may be lacking on is high quality video editing software, but we have a program that will be sufficient. So I am very excited for it!

For some reason we had to have Sacrament services at 6:30 at night on Saturday for the recruits, and we only had 15 minutes to teach them this week. To make it worse, we had 11 non members there to teach! It was tough, but we had very large lessons and got every one of them involved! We are having good success there, as well as in the V3 ward. There is a really solid guy that should be getting baptized really soon. He told us that God told him to go to church, and that He'll tell him when to get baptized as well. The B. kids could be getting baptized this next weekend! So that's exciting!

I was able to go to the baptism of R. and S. yesterday! It was so great to see the whole family! The little 8-year-old girl, J., who got baptized when I was there, came up to me and gave me a hug. It was a precious moment for sure! Their family is great though. One year and they'll get to be sealed! So cool! I really want to come back for that! I also got to see A., my other recent convert! 6 months before she goes to the Temple! So many blessing come from the Gospel! I love it!

Thats about it for my week though! Thanks for all the support and love you give me! Love you! Have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 65: Sunday in Cardiff!

Hi Mom!

For Thanksgiving, the Passmore family is the one who said we could eat with them and their family in Del Mar. I believe they are related to PK's councilor, Pres Gwilliam, and that is where we'd eat. But Sister Kendrick invited us to eat at their house for Thanksgiving as well! I don't know what we'll do! haha. The Farsi elders are still living down there. They don't have too much Farsi work though. I cant wait to see Elder Clark as Santa! He's going to be great!

That's great that you are seeing good success with the sister missionaries! Sounds like they will be getting the missionary work moving forward once again! We sadly didn't have any baptisms this last week. The recruits didn't even show up to MCRD yesterday... I bet they'll be there next week though. I have been traveling the past few days while E. Green and E. Smith were working here. They taught a few recruits yesterday and set two baptismal dates for the last week in November! They also picked up a family and we should be teaching them pretty soon! There has been a lot of good stuff happening here, its just been really hectic this past week and difficult to stay on top of things. So that's our bad. We just need to be on top of our own work! I feel the biggest difficulty for me in the work is just remembering to do things or talk to people. PK has a notepad he writes his to-do list on, and that's how he remembers to do things. I think I should adopt that idea so I can remember to do things as well! He said he's been carrying one around with him for most of his adult life!

Tell the Grandparents happy anniversary for me!

That's funny about the dogs! haha. I'm sure they will get better at listening in the future, but a trainer wouldn't be a bad idea.

Yeah, I'm sorry about the other camcorder... this one works really well though! The video is going to be super sweet! All that I need now is a way to record the song and we'll be golden! I still have a couple of leads to find some help. The video is going to be sweet!!:)

So I went to the Cardiff ward for church yesterday, saw the Parsons, Bishop Toolson, and a few other people who told me to tell you and Dad hi. Aside from that, I met a really good piano player who said he'd love to help with the Christmas video! His name is Ammaron! He's legit! He was playing some cool, rendition of like 3 different songs combined, and without sheet music. I asked him what he was playing, and he said "I am just feeling the music and playing... I need to take music lessons because I cant read notes..." I'm a bit jealous of his talent, but grateful he's helping me!

I got the ties, the Star Wars Box (trying to make me trunky, or what?? haha;), and I'll do my best to think of things for Christmas! I definitely could use some more slacks, and short white shirts. Shoes, and belts are fine. I could use some grey socks, and new running shoes. Things with PK are going great! Its super fun getting to work with him!

Not too much has happened since last time, so thats it for today! Thanks for the updates and all you do for me!I love you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

ps. I took no pictures this week :(

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 64: Zone Conference with Elder Grow

Hi Mom!

As far as the holidays go, I thing we will be going to Thanksgiving dinner in Del Mar! haha. Still not sure on the details, but thats the plan. We may be able to go to the Temple and see the lights, but we'll see. Elder Clark is going to be Santa for the Christmas Devotional:) Other than that, I dont know! haha

Thats great to hear that your sister missionaries are doing well already! A bigger change like that is often quite good in missionary work. So are you going out more with the sisters for teaching appointments?? That would be a great opportunity!

We had a couple Zone Conferences with Elder C. Scott Grow from the 70. He's a character, but is a super spiritual guy. He talked mainly about the importance of reactivating people to get them to the Temple and how that will also help us in baptizing people. Truly the focus isnt to baptize, but convert, but baptism is an essential stepping stone to conversion that we specialize in! So I truly believe that this will help us baptize, but also help us focus on the real reason why we do missionary work, and that is to give people the chance of Eternal Life. He gave us a lot of good pointers on what we can do, but I just hope our sudden focus on reactivating doesnt give active members a reason to slow their efforts on doing the same and being involved in inviting as well.

Sister Grow had some interesting points she focused on... While President Kendrick is telling us to focus on our purpose, and to keep our eye single to the glory of God, Sister Grow was telling us about the importance of marriage and that many of the missionaries she's been acquainted with got married a couple months after being home, and often times to missionaries they met on their mission! President tells us that we need to forget about gfs and bfs, and not to ever have "mission crushs" and Sister Grow was basically promoting it! haha. Then later Elder Grow told all the sisters that Elder Green is a prime man to marry after their missions! So the notes I came away with from Sister Grows talk, were "Keep your eye single to... potential future spouse in the mission" and "All greenies are trunky now." haha. It really wasnt that bad, but its just funny how contradicting her comments were with President's. I still stand with President with all that though. We are here to focus on God's glory which is Salvation and Exaltation for all His children. Also, PK tells us that we shouldn't get married to anyone until we've spent sufficient time with them. He suggests at least 6-9 months. I'm not worried or focused on that, but I just want to let you know that those are the qualifications! haha

Well, enough of that. We are having 2 baptisms this Sunday for a couple recruits, and hopefully things will pick up in the ward. Not much else is happening here. I am really excited for Thanksgiving and then Christmas! Its my favorite time of year! :) Thanks for all that you do for me, mom! I love you and hope all goes well for you this week!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 63: Christmas Music??

The Boys are Back!
Hello Mom!

I thought you'd enjoy the videos on the SD card. I am trying to take more so you and dad can get a better idea on whats going on here. As far as pants go, I think I'll be fine for now. The only problem I am seeing is my pant pockets are ripping because I am putting too many items in them(phone, camera, BofM, flash drives, keys, etc.). I am working on putting less stuff in them... haha.

Thats great that you are able to help with Christmas here! So along with making a video for the Christmas party, I wanted to make a music video of different missionaries singing "Hark all ye nations." (Chack out my ps. for details). I think it's going to be super fun this year! I feel like I didnt really know anyone last year, but this year I'll know everyone! The Christmas party will be on Christmas Eve.

Sounds like there are going to be a lot of good changes with the work in Farmington! I'm confident that you'll get some good sisters in the ward. Maybe you'll get Sister Training Leaders and have a ton of baptisms! That'd be great! Our ward is doing a 40 day fast for missionary work,  I love this ward, but I just wish they'd get more involved.

We actually had a baptism yesterday with one of the recruits, and will have another next week! They are so humble and willing! It is a bit crazy that I've had so many experiences here before I was serving here! It's fun telling people that I've lived here before. They're always like "No way! Thats crazy!" haha. Question: I was baptized in the Del Mar building, or Cardiff building??

We've already broken out the Christmas music! haha. We are trying to compensate for the lack of snow here;) haha. Elder Green and Elder Smith are doing alright as far as keeping from being trunky, but I dont think Christmas music is going to help. Just as long as we dont listen to "I'll be home for Christmas", They'll be fine. haha

As far as the work is considered, things are a bit slow in our area (aside form Edson Range), and are going good for the mission! We are right on track for reaching our goal of 100 baptisms! :) I love it out here!
Pierre the buff ghost!
Thats about it for the week! Nothing too crazy has happened. I love you and appreciate all the love and support you give to me! I love you and hope you have a great week!


Elder Brian Farley