Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 64: Zone Conference with Elder Grow

Hi Mom!

As far as the holidays go, I thing we will be going to Thanksgiving dinner in Del Mar! haha. Still not sure on the details, but thats the plan. We may be able to go to the Temple and see the lights, but we'll see. Elder Clark is going to be Santa for the Christmas Devotional:) Other than that, I dont know! haha

Thats great to hear that your sister missionaries are doing well already! A bigger change like that is often quite good in missionary work. So are you going out more with the sisters for teaching appointments?? That would be a great opportunity!

We had a couple Zone Conferences with Elder C. Scott Grow from the 70. He's a character, but is a super spiritual guy. He talked mainly about the importance of reactivating people to get them to the Temple and how that will also help us in baptizing people. Truly the focus isnt to baptize, but convert, but baptism is an essential stepping stone to conversion that we specialize in! So I truly believe that this will help us baptize, but also help us focus on the real reason why we do missionary work, and that is to give people the chance of Eternal Life. He gave us a lot of good pointers on what we can do, but I just hope our sudden focus on reactivating doesnt give active members a reason to slow their efforts on doing the same and being involved in inviting as well.

Sister Grow had some interesting points she focused on... While President Kendrick is telling us to focus on our purpose, and to keep our eye single to the glory of God, Sister Grow was telling us about the importance of marriage and that many of the missionaries she's been acquainted with got married a couple months after being home, and often times to missionaries they met on their mission! President tells us that we need to forget about gfs and bfs, and not to ever have "mission crushs" and Sister Grow was basically promoting it! haha. Then later Elder Grow told all the sisters that Elder Green is a prime man to marry after their missions! So the notes I came away with from Sister Grows talk, were "Keep your eye single to... potential future spouse in the mission" and "All greenies are trunky now." haha. It really wasnt that bad, but its just funny how contradicting her comments were with President's. I still stand with President with all that though. We are here to focus on God's glory which is Salvation and Exaltation for all His children. Also, PK tells us that we shouldn't get married to anyone until we've spent sufficient time with them. He suggests at least 6-9 months. I'm not worried or focused on that, but I just want to let you know that those are the qualifications! haha

Well, enough of that. We are having 2 baptisms this Sunday for a couple recruits, and hopefully things will pick up in the ward. Not much else is happening here. I am really excited for Thanksgiving and then Christmas! Its my favorite time of year! :) Thanks for all that you do for me, mom! I love you and hope all goes well for you this week!

Elder Brian Farley

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