Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 65: Sunday in Cardiff!

Hi Mom!

For Thanksgiving, the Passmore family is the one who said we could eat with them and their family in Del Mar. I believe they are related to PK's councilor, Pres Gwilliam, and that is where we'd eat. But Sister Kendrick invited us to eat at their house for Thanksgiving as well! I don't know what we'll do! haha. The Farsi elders are still living down there. They don't have too much Farsi work though. I cant wait to see Elder Clark as Santa! He's going to be great!

That's great that you are seeing good success with the sister missionaries! Sounds like they will be getting the missionary work moving forward once again! We sadly didn't have any baptisms this last week. The recruits didn't even show up to MCRD yesterday... I bet they'll be there next week though. I have been traveling the past few days while E. Green and E. Smith were working here. They taught a few recruits yesterday and set two baptismal dates for the last week in November! They also picked up a family and we should be teaching them pretty soon! There has been a lot of good stuff happening here, its just been really hectic this past week and difficult to stay on top of things. So that's our bad. We just need to be on top of our own work! I feel the biggest difficulty for me in the work is just remembering to do things or talk to people. PK has a notepad he writes his to-do list on, and that's how he remembers to do things. I think I should adopt that idea so I can remember to do things as well! He said he's been carrying one around with him for most of his adult life!

Tell the Grandparents happy anniversary for me!

That's funny about the dogs! haha. I'm sure they will get better at listening in the future, but a trainer wouldn't be a bad idea.

Yeah, I'm sorry about the other camcorder... this one works really well though! The video is going to be super sweet! All that I need now is a way to record the song and we'll be golden! I still have a couple of leads to find some help. The video is going to be sweet!!:)

So I went to the Cardiff ward for church yesterday, saw the Parsons, Bishop Toolson, and a few other people who told me to tell you and Dad hi. Aside from that, I met a really good piano player who said he'd love to help with the Christmas video! His name is Ammaron! He's legit! He was playing some cool, rendition of like 3 different songs combined, and without sheet music. I asked him what he was playing, and he said "I am just feeling the music and playing... I need to take music lessons because I cant read notes..." I'm a bit jealous of his talent, but grateful he's helping me!

I got the ties, the Star Wars Box (trying to make me trunky, or what?? haha;), and I'll do my best to think of things for Christmas! I definitely could use some more slacks, and short white shirts. Shoes, and belts are fine. I could use some grey socks, and new running shoes. Things with PK are going great! Its super fun getting to work with him!

Not too much has happened since last time, so thats it for today! Thanks for the updates and all you do for me!I love you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

ps. I took no pictures this week :(

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