Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 68: Transfers --San Elijo Hills

The AP's --E. Smith (home now), EF2, E. Green (home now), E. Arellano
Hi Mom!

The area is great! The members are super stoked to have us and they are really willing to work with us and help us out! There are a few who are all like "Ok, what did we do wrong that you elders had to come into our ward?" haha. They are just joking, but still wondering at the same time. Sister Rush's daughter and son-in-law are in this ward too! They are great! There are just a lot of really solid members here! And the primary is HUGE! There's like over 100 kids in primary! Talk about building up Zion! I am sure they will be down to build up Zion through missionary work as well! All the members love us so far! This is one of the most missionary-friendly wards I've been in! So that's good! And also, there are a lot of ties I have to this ward already!
We went to the ward Christmas activity on Saturday and got to meet like half the ward personally! Everything went well and we got to leave a good first impression! All that's left is to get the ball rolling, find some families, teach them and baptize them!! It's going to be so great!
We had a baptism yesterday at Edson, and set a few more dates! Elder Arellano likes it a lot too! The YSA Elders help us out there, and one of them is training right now. It's really good for the greenie to see what a humble person is really like and what an elect person acts like too! It still amazes me how humble these recruits are! I am striving to become more humble because of them! But Edson has no activity with anyone but the base. It's like the MTC, but more strict, and the military. I'm sure once they become marines they will be able to get involved in Institute.

We start transfer planning the very end of week 5.

I actually don't get to use my Spanish very much at all here. Only to yard workers! I still feel like my Spanish is pretty good though. E.A doesn't speak any Spanish. Only his Grandparents speak it. And PK can speak a little bit, but doesn't hardly ever speak it. I am going to be training in a couple transfers anyways, so I'll be good ;) haha

I don't think the TIWIs are going to change the amount of driving we do in the mission. Honestly, missionaries will probably want to drive less! I will know by tomorrow!

The video is coming along. I will be getting a lot of footage this coming week. So far, I think it's going to be really sweet! I dont know if you ever saw the Christmas video from last year, but it was really funny and energetic, but this years is going to be light, and actually quite motivational! I am really excited for it!

Christmas time will be really fun! I am thinking I probably wont be able to skype at Jeremy's, but we'll see. I think this ward will treat us really well this year! :) I am glad everything is going well at home! Thanks for all you to! You're the best, Mom!! I love you and hope all goes well for you this coming week!

Elder Brian Farley

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