Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 69: TIWI's

Hi Mom!

This week was pretty eventful! We got the TIWIs installed to our cars, and they aren't that bad. It just tells me to check my speed all the time... And I am still almost always the slowest car out there! But for the most part, the missionaries are handling it well. Se we had a zone conference on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the TIWIs, then we stayed up really late Thursday night to start and and finish two trainings for MLC on Friday. I'm pretty sure I got like less than half the hour of sleep I should have this past week... haha. But I'm good now;) Yesterday we had a really good day at Edson Range! There are a lot of really cool guys who want to be baptized! The only thing is that because of Christmas we cannot have any baptisms there until the 27th! I interviewed a recruit who was crying as he said the final closing prayer because of how much he wanted to be baptized! We thought he was going to be baptized that day, but he'll have to wait until the 27th... There are a couple more recruits that are ready now, but they'll have to wait a couple weeks... At least it's not super long. Another really cool thing that happened was our investigator, Charmaine (who we've never met or really talked to), called us up and told us how she's been in New England visiting a sick family member and she's been teaching her friend about the gospel and now her friend wants to be baptized too! So she's not even a member and is going around sharing the gospel with all her friends! She wants to be baptized the 26th too! Gosh, this is going to be good! :)

It's always good to experience some change here and there. And the next few weeks sound like they will be about as busy as mine! It's a good time of year, but things are often quite hectic! Thats good that you are keeping busy though!

As far as my plans for my birthday go, I think it'll be like any other day. I haven't heard about the office being closed, but I can imagine that'd be the case, so you dont have to worry about sending a cake! haha. Thanks though! :) It is weird to think that I am not going to be a teenager, yet not an adult... I'll have one year of limbo;) haha.

I could use another sd card. I have like 150 pictures/videos on my current one! haha

I will let you know on the plans for Christmas next week. Right now, I got nothing... Thanks for all your help, love and support! I love you!


Elder Brian Farley

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