Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 71: Merry Christmas!

Cousin Jeremy's House!
Hey Mom! 

It was really good to talk to you too! I dont know why, but talking to you, the fam and the Parsons didnt make me feel weird at all! haha.

The video is turning out really good! I'll send you a copy when I'm done.

Thats crazy that the winter storm is so intense! I hope Cali gets some snow or something! ;) haha. We may have to go to Palomar mountain and check for snow there! Sounds like the post-Christmas activities were a lot of fun though!

There's not much to report here. Edson Range was good, we set a couple dates for next week, but the baptism for yesterday got canceled... The guy wants to be baptized with his family there... I hope he still goes through with it... I taught a guy who only has one week left at Edson, and said he'd be willing to be baptized, and I asked him about next week, and he said yes! I just need to teach him a ton next week before his baptism! haha

Dinner with PK and SK went well! We got to meet their kids and their spouses. It was interesting being a part of their family dinner because they were like anyone elses family dinners! haha. We had a second dinner with some members of our ward, at the end of it all the wife was all like "well, I've been sharing the gospel with 3 of my neighbors and it seems to me like they all have potential. I just want to help them be baptized!" (not exactly that, but basically haha) So, it's just another testimony to me that this ward is awesome!! :)

I love you a ton and am so blessed to have you as my mom! :) Thanks for all that you do! Have a great week! 

Elder Arellano, Elder "Santa" Clark, EF2


Elder Brian Farley

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