Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 74: One Busy Week!

Hi Mom!

So this week went really well! A lot happened!

First, to answer your questions:
"R" is doing good, aside from her and "C" being really sick. But they'll be fine! I also did get the Priesthood LOA in the package! Thanks for that! :) President hasn't said for sure if I'm going to be transferred of not, but I am pretty sure I will. The number of missionaries would be really off set if I stayed. I hope to train as well, but as of now, the only Spanish greenie will not be here until my last transfer. I'm pretty sure PK is giving me dibs on the first Spn greenie. Last week we had a lot of errands to run and we got to emailing a little late. Plus we only have 2 computers here at the office, and there are three of us...

So as for my week, I was able to travel to 4 different Spn companionships! I first went with Elders Clark and Schow in Temecula. Up there we didnt really have any lessons, but we got to meet this Arabic guy named "W". We asked him what religion he was, and he said Christian. Then we asked if we could stop by and share a message about Christ with him, and he said "No, you come to my restaurant!" He then gave us flyers and a business card and asked "When will you come??"
Me "Ummmm... I dont know..."
Him "I want to know so I be there when you come!"
Me "Ok... What about tomorrow?"
Him "Ok! I see you tomorrow! What time?"
Me "How about noon?"
Him "Ok, thank you my friend!"
We also talked to him about where he was from and how long he's been in the states. He said he is from Jerusalem and is here essentially for religious freedom and because the people are "no good" up there. But he did offer us the keys to his house in Jerusalem if we were ever up there! haha. So we went to lunch there, and he gave us a warm welcome, gave us free drinks, and a free appetizer! The food was a little pricey, but he gave us a good deal. He also told us that anyone in the church could come and he'd give them free drinks! haha. We told him that we'd invite the ward to go. We also invited him to church and he said that he would send his daughter because he would have to be at his restaurant. Anyway, he was a good guy! Kebab House off of Rancho California in Temecula ;)

The next day was in Murrieta with Elders Garcia and Stewart. That was a regular day, except we biked a ton! It was great!

The next day I went to Fallbrook with Elders Murdock and Sedgwick. Elder Murdock is still doing good. He and Elder Sedgwick are working hard and seeing some good results! The branch they are in almost got shut down, but they've increased the attendance by like 200%+ We had a good time and I was able to practice my Spanish a lot with them!

Lastly, I went with Elders Wockenfuss and Brown in Vista. They are both good elders. We worked hard, and while they were at dinner, I was able to attend the baptism of "S", who was a kid of a part-member family I taught in the Vista 3rd ward. That went really well and was worth missing dinner! ;) Bu the end of the night we had contacted around 115 people! (To put it into perspective, most missionaries contact somewhere between 20-25 people a day!;) It was a good day!

Its really weird that I get to see all the areas I will potentially be going to! haha

At Edson Range we had 3 more baptisms! 2 of them were recruits I taught, and one was taught by elder Phillips. All three of them were super elect! At Edson they dont like for the baptisms to take a long tome, so they only wanted one person to baptize all of them, and I was the one who got to do that! :) We dont really have anyone else on board to be baptized down there because they will all be moving on to MCRD in San Diego, but hopefully there will be more coming up soon!

I got the camera you sent! Thanks! I dont know what happened to my other camera... It just stopped working. But this one is really good! I will send out my SD card soon! Sorry it's taken forever!

Not much else happened other than all of that! This next week I will get to go on exchanges to Carlsbad, them Del Mar, then Esco, and end up in Valley Center! I'm super excited! :)

Thanks for all that you do for me, Mom! I am really enjoying all thats going on here! I love you and hope this next week goes great for you!


Elder Brian Farley

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 73: Another Baptism

EF2 and EH2
Dear Mom and Dad,
I dont have very much time, so this is in response to both of your emails.

Since there were only 3 sisters who left this past transfer, we didnt go to the Temple or any of that this time... It kinda stinks, but it's ok. I will still have like 2 more Temple trips. So how the traveling stuff will work is I am going this week and next week to all the Spanish Elders in the mission, but will be in our area on Sunday and Monday for church (Edson Range too) and p-day. The next 2 weeks will be normal and E. A and E. P will alternate going to the English missionaries. Then we will all be together to plan for a few meetings near the end of the transfer. It is really cool that I have the chance to help the recruits come closer to the Savior. even this past Sunday I set 2 baptismal date there! We will be having 3 baptisms next week there, and hopefully another 3 the following week! Things are going really good there! We had a training meeting with all the missionaries who teach the recruits, and I was able to meet up with Elder Hansen! {Elder Hansen's older brother Tim served as AP with Sean in DCNorth. Brian and this E.Hansen met from the two San Diego missions to coordinate the military base baptisms and teaching between the two missions} He's a great kid! (My camera is still messed up, even with a new battery, so I didnt get a picture, but he did and is going to send it to me.) I felt like we got grilled a bit because we didn't really know what we were doing, but we are going to be a ton more efficient in the coming weeks! Still no Spanish greenies coming in... Oh no!!!! ;) haha. It'll work out.

We had R's baptism this last Friday and that was really good! There was like no one there because she wanted it to be low-key. But she really enjoyed it! Not much is happening in our ward now, but we are hoping to find more people here pretty soon! The members are so close to inviting! We just need to boost their moral! But things for the most part are going well!

I'm glad to hear that you two are settling in to your calling well! I know that you both are the perfect people to help out the YSAs in the stake. You have helped me and Sean out so much in our lives, and I'm sure we'd be down much darker paths without you! It'll be really cool during the summer to be there with you both!

Sean is keeping me very updated! He sounds like he is having a good time! I want to say I am excited to see him and hang out with him again, but I am still going to focus and live in the here and now, plus enjoy where I am now!

I feel like I am doing pretty well with staying focused, regardless of anything anyone says. I really want to do my best these last 6 months and work my hardest. I think being out in the mission field will help me with that. But at the same time I am going to miss being an assistant! haha. But In know that the Lord is behind every change.

I did get the 18 months package! Thanks! Did Sean write "If you were a sister, you'd be home!"? haha. I feel like that's something he'd write. I actually got that package last pday and just opened it then... so I've been enjoying it for a week now;) haha

Thanks for all that you do for me! :) I am so grateful that I have you as my parents! I couldnt ask for anyone better! I love and miss you both! Have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 72: Amazed that its 2016!

Hey Mom,

I am amazed that its 2016 as well! Time flies! I feel like I say that a lot... Dad told me a bit about the new calling, but he didnt mention you still arent released from your 5th ward calling! Crazy! But I'm sure that'll change soon. It sounds like the rest of your week went well though!

Our week was really awesome! To start things off, we woke up one morning to a text message from one of our investigators who said she wants to set a baptismal date! That was "C's" daughter, "R". They both came to church last week and are excited to be baptized!  They both have great testimonies of the gospel and are great people!

As well, on Sunday we had a baptism at Edson! It was recruit "A"! He was the one we picked up last week. Last week I taught him without setting a firm baptismal date, all he said was he'd be willing to shoot for it. Then I realized that he's only going to one more week to be baptized at Edson (obviously he cant be baptized at MCRD in SD... haha ;) So I asked him if he'd be willing to shoot for next week, and he said yes! So I talked to him yesterday and asked if he felt good about today, and he said he did! I then realized that he hasnt had an interview and has only been taught the Restoration!!! Uh-oh! So I told Elder Arellano that he needs to do the interview, plus teach him what he needs to be willing to do as well. So E.A taught him about all the commandments during the interview, he was willing to live by them and he passed the interview! So everything was ready! I then asked him who he'd like to perform the baptism and confirmation, but he didnt really know any of the member recruits. So I was able to baptize him, and E.A was able to confirm him! It was a great experience!

We felt like we were dropping the ball in regards to our assignment at Edson, so we had a little meeting with the other elders and one of the senior couples there, and found many ways to be more organized. So our goal for Edson is to have a baptism there every week for this next year! Last year, Edson and MCRD had a total of 54 baptisms, so that means we are going to almost double the baptisms between the two of us! We already have a baptism scheduled for next week! So a lot of good has been happening lately!

We are still working on the referrals from the members in the ward, so we will see what happens there.

So next week is transfers, and we are already doing some transfer planning, so I'll let you in on a little secret, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, ok? So... I am staying. haha. But we are probably going to be in a trio next transfer. We arent sure yet, but I'll let you know next week. Because there wont be any transfer meetings anymore, we are going to have to tell everyone where they are going on Saturday now.

Anyway, thats about it for me! I hope all goes well for you this next week! Love you!


Elder Brian Farley