Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 74: One Busy Week!

Hi Mom!

So this week went really well! A lot happened!

First, to answer your questions:
"R" is doing good, aside from her and "C" being really sick. But they'll be fine! I also did get the Priesthood LOA in the package! Thanks for that! :) President hasn't said for sure if I'm going to be transferred of not, but I am pretty sure I will. The number of missionaries would be really off set if I stayed. I hope to train as well, but as of now, the only Spanish greenie will not be here until my last transfer. I'm pretty sure PK is giving me dibs on the first Spn greenie. Last week we had a lot of errands to run and we got to emailing a little late. Plus we only have 2 computers here at the office, and there are three of us...

So as for my week, I was able to travel to 4 different Spn companionships! I first went with Elders Clark and Schow in Temecula. Up there we didnt really have any lessons, but we got to meet this Arabic guy named "W". We asked him what religion he was, and he said Christian. Then we asked if we could stop by and share a message about Christ with him, and he said "No, you come to my restaurant!" He then gave us flyers and a business card and asked "When will you come??"
Me "Ummmm... I dont know..."
Him "I want to know so I be there when you come!"
Me "Ok... What about tomorrow?"
Him "Ok! I see you tomorrow! What time?"
Me "How about noon?"
Him "Ok, thank you my friend!"
We also talked to him about where he was from and how long he's been in the states. He said he is from Jerusalem and is here essentially for religious freedom and because the people are "no good" up there. But he did offer us the keys to his house in Jerusalem if we were ever up there! haha. So we went to lunch there, and he gave us a warm welcome, gave us free drinks, and a free appetizer! The food was a little pricey, but he gave us a good deal. He also told us that anyone in the church could come and he'd give them free drinks! haha. We told him that we'd invite the ward to go. We also invited him to church and he said that he would send his daughter because he would have to be at his restaurant. Anyway, he was a good guy! Kebab House off of Rancho California in Temecula ;)

The next day was in Murrieta with Elders Garcia and Stewart. That was a regular day, except we biked a ton! It was great!

The next day I went to Fallbrook with Elders Murdock and Sedgwick. Elder Murdock is still doing good. He and Elder Sedgwick are working hard and seeing some good results! The branch they are in almost got shut down, but they've increased the attendance by like 200%+ We had a good time and I was able to practice my Spanish a lot with them!

Lastly, I went with Elders Wockenfuss and Brown in Vista. They are both good elders. We worked hard, and while they were at dinner, I was able to attend the baptism of "S", who was a kid of a part-member family I taught in the Vista 3rd ward. That went really well and was worth missing dinner! ;) Bu the end of the night we had contacted around 115 people! (To put it into perspective, most missionaries contact somewhere between 20-25 people a day!;) It was a good day!

Its really weird that I get to see all the areas I will potentially be going to! haha

At Edson Range we had 3 more baptisms! 2 of them were recruits I taught, and one was taught by elder Phillips. All three of them were super elect! At Edson they dont like for the baptisms to take a long tome, so they only wanted one person to baptize all of them, and I was the one who got to do that! :) We dont really have anyone else on board to be baptized down there because they will all be moving on to MCRD in San Diego, but hopefully there will be more coming up soon!

I got the camera you sent! Thanks! I dont know what happened to my other camera... It just stopped working. But this one is really good! I will send out my SD card soon! Sorry it's taken forever!

Not much else happened other than all of that! This next week I will get to go on exchanges to Carlsbad, them Del Mar, then Esco, and end up in Valley Center! I'm super excited! :)

Thanks for all that you do for me, Mom! I am really enjoying all thats going on here! I love you and hope this next week goes great for you!


Elder Brian Farley

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