Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 79: Back in Esco!

Hi Mom!

So now that I'm back using public libraries, I don't have a lot of time!!! haha. But I'll make it work!

Escondido is great! No hills, decent weather, and tons of fun! We have a family of 6 all ready to go basically! We are going to be meeting with them tomorrow to set a baptismal date! They've been going to church for the past 2 months, so they're super solid! :) We also have another super solid investigator who is waiting for his wife and kids to move from Mexico before he decides to be baptized! They'll be moving in near the end of March though. Aside from that, there is no shortage of people who are willing to be taught, and we already have quite a few investigators and potential investigators! I love this area already!

But it was a bit weird the first few days in... I had a similar feeling that I had when I entered the MTC. Like a feeling that I lost a lot of stuff... I don't know how to explain it, but I feel good now! haha. So in a way I guess you could say I am missing my past assignment a bit, but I love where I'm at now!

E. Phillips and E. Arellano called me a couple times, but that's it. They are doing fine now!

As far as pants go, none are destroyed yet, but it'd be good to have another pair of darker pants out here, thanks! :) We will definitely be looking out for some packages soon! :)

There are quite a few members who remember me from a year ago, and a lot who don't, but I think a lot of them will get to know me well by the end of my time here. I am most likely, like 95% likely, to end my mission here. That's fine though because I like it here! haha

Mission life is probably less busy, but we still do a lot, and its just different. More missionary work, less administrative work. I like it:) and yes, I am a Relief Society president. Me, E.E, and two sets of hermanas. It's good though because I get to go on exchanges with E. Romney in VC!! :) There are so many perks to this area!

That's it for here! Thanks for the update with things at home! I love you and hope you have a great week! :)


Elder Brian Farley

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 78: Last Week as an Assistant...headed to El Norte!!

Hi Mom!

So Sister Lee must have heard wrong because I'm not going to Temecula. I'm going to Escondido with Elder Ellsworth! It's a full-time bike area, and is flat as flat can be. So that's a little sad... But it sounds like there are a lot of good things going on in that area. I will be the El Norte Ward, the ward I served in about a year ago (except I was in the San Marcos part of the ward). So I already know a few of the members, and I think I will really like the ward! I am a little sad to leave this area and my assignment, but it will be good regardless! Elder Ellsworth is a transfer older than me and is one of two of the oldest missionaries in the mission! His Spanish is REALLY good too! So I hope to be able to learn a lot really quick! He is from Georgia. I don't know what else you'd want to know about him... I don't know much else. He's a cool guy though!

I'm sure this email will come to you as a surprise since you've been thinking for the past day or so that I was going to T-mec! haha. Escondido will be just as hot.

This past week was pretty good. We had Zone Training Meetings on Tuesday through Thursday and transfer planning all throughout the week. For the most part, transfers went pretty smooth this time around! I hope that Elders Arellano and Phillips will be able to take on tougher transfers now that I'm leaving... But I guess they can always call me up! haha. We had a crazy day yesterday! We biked sooooooo much! San Elijo Hills has some BIG hills! We had a devotional last night at a members home who literally lives at the highest point of our area. And she wanted as many BofMs there as we could bring. We already decided to bike, so that meant we were going to carry them. I carried 10 copies in a bag and biked all the way to the members house! Granted, it was probably only like 10 extra pounds, that can take a toll on you if your go far with them! Anyway, I will send a picture of it to show you what it was like. Other than that, the devotional went well. It was about converts and their conversion stories. We also had stake conference were a lot of really good messages and testimonies were shared.
This MUST be the "Balance" he is talking about! ?? 

One important lesson I learned this week was about the importance of balance in our lives. To be able to balance our lives is a tough skill to develop, but it is one that will bless us a ton and help us find joy in this life. The Lord expects us to work, spend time with family, enjoy our hobbies, getting an education, offer service, and whatever else more, along with living a Christ-centered life and fulfilling our obligations to Him. We cannot expect to receive everything we need temporally by simply fulfilling our Church assignments or by having great spirituality, but by working to find the balance and living a well-balanced life that is in accordance to the laws of God. Finding the balance in my life is something I am trying to learn now, so that I will be able to progress the best I can forever after this short time on my mission.

This next transfer will be a good one! 7 weeks of hard working, healthy eating, Spirit following, elect finding fun ;) I love you and hope your week goes great!!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 77: Busy Week!

Hi Dad!

This week was really stressful, but really good at the same time! With all the meetings we had, we hardly had time to do missionary work, but we ended it off with a great day of biking! Nothing really happened at Edson, but we were able to watch a church broadcast for the Western States on Sunday. It was really good! Elder Hamula from the 70 conducted, Elder Grow (who came to visit our mission) spoke, Sister Oscarson spoke, and Elder Renlund spoke too! They were all really good talks! They all seemed to be focused on us living in the last days, and how we have to stand out as examples of good, rather than sinking into the crowd. There were other good topics that were focused on as well, like revelation in the Church and how to simply answer questions about the Church. Elder Hamula said something interesting as well. To paraphrase, he said "The mistakes of men, yet the perfection of the doctrine in the Church testify that the Church is ran by God." Rather than looking at the mistakes that perhaps Church leaders have made or things someone has said as a way to disprove the truthfulness of the Church, it is a way we can know even more surly that the Church is true! So cool! :)
 I'm not sure but I will either be going to Escondido, or Carlsbad. At least those are my guesses. I will be happy with either. It is really weird to be able to plan out the rest of my mission. But I know all will be well if I simply do my very best! Its a bit bittersweet that I will be transferred this next week... I feel like I am planning my own funeral in a way! haha. But I know Elder Arellano and Elder Phillips will keep me updated with whats happening ;) They are good guys!

Not much else to report on though. Thanks for all your support, Dad! I keep reflecting on how blessed I am to have you and mom in my life! I love you and hope this next week is great!


Elder Brian Farley

Hi Mom!

It sounds like you had an action-packed week! That's good to hear! This week was killer for us! 3 Zone Conferences in a row followed by an MLC... Lets just say we didn't get a lot of sleep... I've only pulled 2 all-nighters (Yes only 2, as if one isn't much either) The first was my last day in the MTC and was done because we had to wake up at 1:30 anyway, and the other was when all my efforts on making a Christmas video were failing and I had to stay up all night to finish it to show the mission the next day. I have a testimony that the Lord will strengthen you and consecrate your efforts when you do your very best, because that's what happened to us! Everyone loved our trainings and said it was exactly what the mission needs! So I am grateful to the Lord for not allowing us to fail! haha. That was the only really stressful part of it all. Zone conference was easy. We only had one training and we did it over again for each Zone Conference. I am glad that it is all over though. I ended with a bang! ;) haha. I will still get the chance to do trainings the rest of my mission, but not for the whole mission.
A miracle that happened this week actually happened in my last ward, Vista 3rd. There was an active non-member of a part-member family in the ward. He had been going to church with his family for years and, for whatever reason, didn't want to be baptized! He had a calling in the scouts and could do that because you don't need to be set apart for that. Basically, he was the most dry Mormon anyone could ever meet. Recently the Stake president asked him to serve in the Stake YM Presidency and he said yes, and thus said yes to being baptized!! He was baptized yesterday morning, and the elders didn't even know the baptism or any of this was happening up until an hour before the baptism! So that was a really cool miracle!

No much else has happened this week. All is well, and I will let you know for sure where I am going next week! I love you and hope your next week goes well!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 76: We Ended Up with 2 Cakes!

Hola Madre!

Sounds like life at home is going good! I can't believe all the people that are getting married! Life moves on, I guess! But thats all good to hear! Pretty soon Sean will be next! haha ;) It's also good to hear that all my missionary friends are doing well!

This week was good! We had a solid lesson with some new investigators, S & C. They were just really nice and let us right in! We talked to them about what we do as missionaries (essentially to help people get baptized), then we answered some of her questions about women in the church, and then we shared with them why we are on our missions and how we know it's the right thing to do. C asked us what we mean by knowing it's true. We shared with them the Restoration and invited them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. They asked for some time to think about it, but we will find out what they decided today! So we shall see!

Other than that, we were invited to eat dinner at the Blue and Gold banquet. They had a cake auction for the scouts and one member offered to buy us whatever cake we wanted, and another member gave us $50 dollars to bid with! haha. So we ended up with 2 cakes, plus another member gave us each a slice of cake from the one they bought! The members are really nice in this ward!

Not much happened at Edson, but a member brought her non-member friend to church yesterday, and we are going to see if that's going to go anywhere.

This next week is going to go by super fast though! Tomorrow through Thursday we will be having Zone conferences, on Friday we have MLC, and on Saturday we will start Transfer Planning! So we may or may not know by next week where I am going. It'll be good whatever happens though. It's really weird how time just keeps going on... I feel like the rest of my mission is going to go by super quick... I will just keep doing my very best though! :)

Thanks for all that you do for me, Mom! I am so grateful your love and support! I hope you have a great week!


Elder Brian Farley

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 75: Traveling Week


How is it February already??? Ahhhh!! Time is going by way to quickly! I feel like this transfer just started, and now its half way!

This week went really well though! No baptisms, but there was a lot of good that happened! I got to "tour" the rest of my potential areas this last week ;) haha. I would be happy going to any of them! Going back to VC would be really cool, but I think I'd run out of things to do after like 2-3 weeks! haha. So maybe not there. Perhaps the same would happen if I went back to Del Mar. It was really cool to revisit my previous areas and also the areas I've never been to! There was a lot of learning that took place, for me and for the missionaries I was with! It was really fun seeing the Rushs again! They're great! Their daughter asked me about the pants at church yesterday, but I completely forgot to bring them... But bringing them to Mens Warehouse would work too.

The ties you got us are sweet! We all really like them! Thanks! I'll send you a picture soon of us three wearing them!

So this past week I started in Oceanside, then went to Carlsbad. There wasn't really much that happened there of much significance, but it was a good couple exchanges! After that, I went to Del Mar with my brother, Elder Romney (because we were both trained by Elder Smith). It was super weird to be in the same apartment as I was as a greenie! The exchange went well, and I feel like Elder Romney will continue to do really well! After that, I went to Escondido and then to VC. Esco was fun! Then up in VC I got to see a lot of members and RCs:)

I got to see the "J" family who will be getting sealed this December or so (and I'm going to want to go to that;). Their 9 yr old daughter, "J", who got baptized when I was there, saw me, started running towards me, leaped in the are and gave me a big hug! haha. It was cute that she was so happy to see me! I sent a picture of her and elder Rodriguez (both of which were caught off guard haha) I didnt get to see the "J" parents, but it was all good nonetheless. After that I was able to visit "A" and have a lesson with her! She is doing really well! After that, we went to a baptism that the VC sisters had.

All the traveling was really good, except for the fact that I was really sick throughout the whole thing!!! Well, not really, but yesterday I was reeeeaallly sick! Sean and I have telepathy with sickness I guess! It's just a cold, but I felt like I was really dragging yesterday! I am doing better now though.

Other than that, not much has happened. We didnt have any baptisms at Edson. The companies with us now are all leaving and we are finally getting a new one next week. We set a whole bunch of dates for the San Diego missionaries, so they should have quite a few baptisms there pretty soon!

It sounds like all is well at home. Thats good to know! Thanks for all that you do for me, Mom! I love you and hope you have a great week! :)


Elder Brian Farley