Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 78: Last Week as an Assistant...headed to El Norte!!

Hi Mom!

So Sister Lee must have heard wrong because I'm not going to Temecula. I'm going to Escondido with Elder Ellsworth! It's a full-time bike area, and is flat as flat can be. So that's a little sad... But it sounds like there are a lot of good things going on in that area. I will be the El Norte Ward, the ward I served in about a year ago (except I was in the San Marcos part of the ward). So I already know a few of the members, and I think I will really like the ward! I am a little sad to leave this area and my assignment, but it will be good regardless! Elder Ellsworth is a transfer older than me and is one of two of the oldest missionaries in the mission! His Spanish is REALLY good too! So I hope to be able to learn a lot really quick! He is from Georgia. I don't know what else you'd want to know about him... I don't know much else. He's a cool guy though!

I'm sure this email will come to you as a surprise since you've been thinking for the past day or so that I was going to T-mec! haha. Escondido will be just as hot.

This past week was pretty good. We had Zone Training Meetings on Tuesday through Thursday and transfer planning all throughout the week. For the most part, transfers went pretty smooth this time around! I hope that Elders Arellano and Phillips will be able to take on tougher transfers now that I'm leaving... But I guess they can always call me up! haha. We had a crazy day yesterday! We biked sooooooo much! San Elijo Hills has some BIG hills! We had a devotional last night at a members home who literally lives at the highest point of our area. And she wanted as many BofMs there as we could bring. We already decided to bike, so that meant we were going to carry them. I carried 10 copies in a bag and biked all the way to the members house! Granted, it was probably only like 10 extra pounds, that can take a toll on you if your go far with them! Anyway, I will send a picture of it to show you what it was like. Other than that, the devotional went well. It was about converts and their conversion stories. We also had stake conference were a lot of really good messages and testimonies were shared.
This MUST be the "Balance" he is talking about! ?? 

One important lesson I learned this week was about the importance of balance in our lives. To be able to balance our lives is a tough skill to develop, but it is one that will bless us a ton and help us find joy in this life. The Lord expects us to work, spend time with family, enjoy our hobbies, getting an education, offer service, and whatever else more, along with living a Christ-centered life and fulfilling our obligations to Him. We cannot expect to receive everything we need temporally by simply fulfilling our Church assignments or by having great spirituality, but by working to find the balance and living a well-balanced life that is in accordance to the laws of God. Finding the balance in my life is something I am trying to learn now, so that I will be able to progress the best I can forever after this short time on my mission.

This next transfer will be a good one! 7 weeks of hard working, healthy eating, Spirit following, elect finding fun ;) I love you and hope your week goes great!!

Elder Brian Farley

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