Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 83: Easter

EF2 & E. E.
Hi Mom!

Yeah, last week was a bit crazy and a little stressful, but this week wasnt too bad at all! It was actually really good, aside from our investigators not showing up again... Elder Winterhalter was in Carlsbad before coming here. I think we will probably stay together for one more, then I hope I get to stay and train for my last transfer! I'm going to have to tell my buddies to put in a good word for me to PK ;) haha. If I stay with E.W for next transfer, I am just going to email PK about how much I want to train ;) haha. If I don't, it's no biggie, but it'd be sweet to have the opportunity!

Time does fly though. I have that picture of all 4 of us in front of the Provo Temple before Sean's mission and I cant believe it was almost 3 and 1/2 years ago! I feel like it was just like 1 year ago haha. I still, in a way, feel like I have a lot of time left... From what I've heard from other departing missionaries, thats the feeling you have up until you leave the mission. But then some have told me that they feel like their time is up after their exit interview... I hope it lasts for me up until I see Sean. The mission is challenging in many different ways but, in the end, all you remember are the good times.

I liked all the pictures you sent, they're good ones!

I will send you a couple pictures of the hair cut. It looks a TON better now. I was super embarrassed and kinda upset on how it looked at first, but now its fine.

We did hear about the bombing! Crazy! We gathered it was a greenie, the mission president and his aps, right? It may be just speculation on our part. Freakin' crazy people... WWIII is right around the corner it seems... That'd be crazy!

I have a whole bunch of talks I downloaded a while ago, and I thin a few of them were from Elder Holland, and I may have that one! I will listen to it for sure!

No worries on the pants! I am doing just fine! haha. I will keep an eye out for the packages that are coming though! Thanks! :)

This past week I've felt like Lehi speaking to his sons about Christ's Atonement and using agency correctly in 2 Nephi 2. There are so many people out there who do not choose Eternal Life through Christ. They may say they've been "saved" but being saved is not an event, but a process just like conversion. If we do not choose everyday too serve the Lord, then we are ultimately choosing captivity and death, as it says in the scriptures. I mentioned this to dad, but there are too many people who are too busy and too tired for God. They allow other things, or other 'gods', to be higher priorities than the things of God, and God Himself. We are ultimately our own judges, and I fear that there will be many people at the last day who realize they have wronged themselves by wronging God. They will find their momentary pleasures or wants to be of no worth, and they will regret the lives they lived and what they have lost for not choosing God first. I am making an extra effort now to build habits now that will help me to choose God first from now onward. And I am going to try even harder to help those around me make correct decisions that will lead them to the straight and narrow path that leads to Everlasting Life.

Thanks for all your support that you've been giving me, Mom! I love you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 82: Bad Haircut...

Hi Mom,

Gosh, things have been crazy recently! So this last Friday morning we got a call from the APs and they told us that Elder Ellsworth is getting emergency transferred! So he left me with all that he could remember to tell me and left that night! My new companion is Elder Winterhalter! So far things are going good. He  likes to work hard, both in missionary work and physically! So I'm sure we will get along fine. I joked with Elder Ellsworth that they will just transfer me to Carlsbad with him and we will spend another transfer together! haha. The thing is, is they wont leave me and Elder Winterhalter together until we go home. (they came out together from MTC)They will either transfer one of us next transfer or the one after that... I kind of hope I stay. I don't want to have to pack up again, and I know this area has a lot of potential! All I can really do is speculate though. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Other than that, none of our investigators came to church again... It is a little frustrating when you think someone is really elect and wants to change their life, but dont decide to take action. We are going to re-set expectations with everyone. I so badly want to help these people to come closer to Christ, but it is so easy to get caught up in the things of the world. We have quite a few lessons set up and we should be seeing some results here pretty soon, so we shall see.

Today has been hectic as well! We decided to cut our own hair, and it didnt go so well for me... It was supposed to be short on the side and somewhat longer on the top, but it ended up being really short on the side, still pretty short getting towards the top, and short on top... Never again. I would rather spend the money and get it cut at a barber shop! Then my bike tire was flat and we weren't sure it'd get me all the way to the library... But now we're good haha. We should be getting a ride from VC the rest of P-day, so that'll help.

I am glad things are going well at home! Life is always exciting and things are always changing. I hope things dont get too crazy for you and dad! haha. It is really good to hear from you and dad every week though. I am glad I have you two to support me and help me do my best. I really do appreciate all that you do for me!

Thats about it for me! I hope you have a great week! I love you!


Elder Brian Farley

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 81: Jubilee

Hi Mom!

So this week went pretty good! We had a Zone Review with PK. He had all the missionaries serving in Esco and San Marcos come to the Felicita building and he talked about how ancient Israel used to have a Jubilee every 50 years, where all debts were forgiven and everyone started off with a clean slate. He wanted to incorporate the same thing with everyone in the mission. If there was disobedience or contention between someone, it was to end and we were to start off right. I really liked the idea and I think it will be really good for a lot of the missionaries in the mission! It was funny because he was throwing down pretty good and he said "I am not 'calling you to repentance', but I am inviting you to repent." He is really good about lovingly inviting people to repent. haha. So this "Jubilee" will last until GC and we will evaluate after that I suppose.

We kinda picked up a new family the other day. There was a daughter of an old lady in our ward who we taught a week or so ago and we got to do a little bit of service for them! She and her husband are moving out for a bit while their apartment gets renovated, and we helped the husband move a few things. After we helped they jokingly asked us how much they owe us, but they told us that they want to feed us dinner someday! So we are going to set something up and start teaching them!

On a sad note, everyone we are teaching didnt show up to church yesterday... Sometimes I dont like other peoples' agency... So we are going to go teach them the importance of church attendance and get them to come!

Back in Santa Fe Hills we were teaching a guy named N.S. He told us that he was going to be baptized in March (this was in July), but he stopped going to church and never responded to the missionaries. But the past few weeks he's been going to church and has had the missionaries over to teach him a lot, and he got baptized last Saturday! I got to go back and see Elder Ellis and Elder Mardesich too! N
's wife was telling everyone that Elder Ellis and I were the boldest of the missionaries who taught him and that we were the ones to get him to commit! haha. I was happy to hear that we did a good enough job with him! He is super solid though! The bishop already issued a call to him and everything! I could see him as a bishop 10 years down the road :)

The ward is doing good. I think I want you and Dad to come here for the first Sunday. Yay Spanish;) There are a lot of really good people here, and a lot of LA people. We are guessing Elder Ellsworth will get transfered. But for me to get a greenie I am going to have to be given Elder Stewart, who dies with Elder Ellsworth, and then get the greenie the next transfer when he comes in. For all that to happen, there'd be a huge mix up at transfers with all the Spanish Elders... I dont know... Maybe I will have no seed... ;( It'll be good whatever happens.

Thats about all that happened this past week. Thanks for being great, Mom! You're the best! I love you and hope this next week goes great!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 80: DL and RS President.

A Few of the Escondido Elders
Hi Mom,

This last week went by a lot faster than last week. I think since I am getting the area down a bit better and know more of the members and what not, things are going by faster! We are still biking though. We don't walk because its super ineffective! We see a lot of the English missionaries walking... They must not have much work going on. This week has been really good though. There's been a lot of rain the past couple days! I really hope it stays overcast and cool so we don't die in the heat ;) haha. But I do have another cold... so maybe I should be wishing this cold weather would go away...

So the "V" family is all down to be baptized except for the most important person; the dad. He is just hesitant in changing his whole life. Honestly, it isn't changing much... He already comes to church. He'd just be committing to it. I feel that commitment scares a lot of people... Especially the people here for some reason. But we and some of the members are working on them. They'll get baptized, but its just a matter of when. "F" is doing super! He is solid, just waiting on his wife.

Elder Ellsworth has been in Esco for 6 months already, and has served here in the past. It may be somewhere close to a year, but he's had a lot of different areas here. I'm pretty sure I told you that I am a DL. Elder Romney is a DL as well, but since we are both Relief Society presidents (AKA we only have sisters in our districts and therefore cannot go on exchanges with anyone in our districts) we get to go on exchanges with each other! The Hermanas in my district are Hermanas Kasen and Adkins, and Hermanas Andrade and Shakespear. They're all pretty cool, so I don't have much trouble haha.

YSA sounds like it's still going good. It will be interesting to go to YSA when I am home. I have very little experience with it since I've never served in YSA and never went before the mish. I hope you and Dad are enjoying all of the YSA stuff! haha

The mission tour plan sounds good! It will be a blasty blast!

It's kinda funny to me how often people I know, like friends and family, are going through or staying in some part of the mission for vacation! I hope Sean has a great time is OC and that he doesn't accidentally drive through all the main streets of Escondido and find me! haha.

I don't have much else to  report on my end. Thanks for all that you do, Mom! I appreciate you and love you! Have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley