Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 81: Jubilee

Hi Mom!

So this week went pretty good! We had a Zone Review with PK. He had all the missionaries serving in Esco and San Marcos come to the Felicita building and he talked about how ancient Israel used to have a Jubilee every 50 years, where all debts were forgiven and everyone started off with a clean slate. He wanted to incorporate the same thing with everyone in the mission. If there was disobedience or contention between someone, it was to end and we were to start off right. I really liked the idea and I think it will be really good for a lot of the missionaries in the mission! It was funny because he was throwing down pretty good and he said "I am not 'calling you to repentance', but I am inviting you to repent." He is really good about lovingly inviting people to repent. haha. So this "Jubilee" will last until GC and we will evaluate after that I suppose.

We kinda picked up a new family the other day. There was a daughter of an old lady in our ward who we taught a week or so ago and we got to do a little bit of service for them! She and her husband are moving out for a bit while their apartment gets renovated, and we helped the husband move a few things. After we helped they jokingly asked us how much they owe us, but they told us that they want to feed us dinner someday! So we are going to set something up and start teaching them!

On a sad note, everyone we are teaching didnt show up to church yesterday... Sometimes I dont like other peoples' agency... So we are going to go teach them the importance of church attendance and get them to come!

Back in Santa Fe Hills we were teaching a guy named N.S. He told us that he was going to be baptized in March (this was in July), but he stopped going to church and never responded to the missionaries. But the past few weeks he's been going to church and has had the missionaries over to teach him a lot, and he got baptized last Saturday! I got to go back and see Elder Ellis and Elder Mardesich too! N
's wife was telling everyone that Elder Ellis and I were the boldest of the missionaries who taught him and that we were the ones to get him to commit! haha. I was happy to hear that we did a good enough job with him! He is super solid though! The bishop already issued a call to him and everything! I could see him as a bishop 10 years down the road :)

The ward is doing good. I think I want you and Dad to come here for the first Sunday. Yay Spanish;) There are a lot of really good people here, and a lot of LA people. We are guessing Elder Ellsworth will get transfered. But for me to get a greenie I am going to have to be given Elder Stewart, who dies with Elder Ellsworth, and then get the greenie the next transfer when he comes in. For all that to happen, there'd be a huge mix up at transfers with all the Spanish Elders... I dont know... Maybe I will have no seed... ;( It'll be good whatever happens.

Thats about all that happened this past week. Thanks for being great, Mom! You're the best! I love you and hope this next week goes great!

Elder Brian Farley

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