Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 82: Bad Haircut...

Hi Mom,

Gosh, things have been crazy recently! So this last Friday morning we got a call from the APs and they told us that Elder Ellsworth is getting emergency transferred! So he left me with all that he could remember to tell me and left that night! My new companion is Elder Winterhalter! So far things are going good. He  likes to work hard, both in missionary work and physically! So I'm sure we will get along fine. I joked with Elder Ellsworth that they will just transfer me to Carlsbad with him and we will spend another transfer together! haha. The thing is, is they wont leave me and Elder Winterhalter together until we go home. (they came out together from MTC)They will either transfer one of us next transfer or the one after that... I kind of hope I stay. I don't want to have to pack up again, and I know this area has a lot of potential! All I can really do is speculate though. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Other than that, none of our investigators came to church again... It is a little frustrating when you think someone is really elect and wants to change their life, but dont decide to take action. We are going to re-set expectations with everyone. I so badly want to help these people to come closer to Christ, but it is so easy to get caught up in the things of the world. We have quite a few lessons set up and we should be seeing some results here pretty soon, so we shall see.

Today has been hectic as well! We decided to cut our own hair, and it didnt go so well for me... It was supposed to be short on the side and somewhat longer on the top, but it ended up being really short on the side, still pretty short getting towards the top, and short on top... Never again. I would rather spend the money and get it cut at a barber shop! Then my bike tire was flat and we weren't sure it'd get me all the way to the library... But now we're good haha. We should be getting a ride from VC the rest of P-day, so that'll help.

I am glad things are going well at home! Life is always exciting and things are always changing. I hope things dont get too crazy for you and dad! haha. It is really good to hear from you and dad every week though. I am glad I have you two to support me and help me do my best. I really do appreciate all that you do for me!

Thats about it for me! I hope you have a great week! I love you!


Elder Brian Farley

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