Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 87: Time Does Fly!

Hi Mom!

Yeah, last week was a bit crazy and a little stressful, but this week wasnt too bad at all! It was actually really good, aside from our investigators not showing up again... E.W was in Carlsbad before coming here. I think we will probably stay together for one more, then I hope I get to stay and train for my last transfer! I'm going to have to tell my buddies to put in a good word for me to PK ;) haha. If I stay with E.W for next transfer, I am just going to email PK about how much I want to train ;) haha. If I don't, it's no biggie, but it'd be sweet to have the opportunity!

Time does fly though. I have that picture of all 4 of us in front of the Provo Temple before Sean's mission and I cant believe it was almost 3 and 1/2 years ago! I feel like it was just like 1 year ago haha. I still, in a way, feel like I have a lot of time left... From what I've heard from other departing missionaries, thats the feeling you have up until you leave the mission. But then some have told me that they feel like their time is up after their exit interview... I hope it lasts for me up until I see Sean. The mission is challenging in many different ways but, in the end, all you remember are the good times.

I liked all the pictures you sent, they're good ones!

I will send you a couple pictures of the hair cut. It looks a TON better now. I was super embarrassed and kinda upset on how it looked at first, but now its fine.

We did hear about the bombing! Crazy! We gathered it was a greenie, the mission president and his aps, right? It may be just speculation on our part. Freakin' crazy people... WWIII is right around the corner it seems... That'd be crazy!

I have a whole bunch of talks I downloaded a while ago, and I thin a few of them were from Elder Holland, and I may have that one! I will listen to it for sure!

No worries on the pants! I am doing just fine! haha. I will keep an eye out for the packages that are coming though! Thanks! :)

This past week I've felt like Lehi speaking to his sons about Christ's Atonement and using agency correctly in 2 Nephi 2. There are so many people out there who do not choose Eternal Life through Christ. They may say they've been "saved" but being saved is not an event, but a process just like conversion. If we do not choose everyday too serve the Lord, then we are ultimately choosing captivity and death, as it says in the scriptures. I mentioned this to dad, but there are too many people who are too busy and too tired for God. They allow other things, or other 'gods', to be higher priorities than the things of God, and God Himself. We are ultimately our own judges, and I fear that there will be many people at the last day who realize they have wronged themselves by wronging God. They will find their momentary pleasures or wants to be of no worth, and they will regret the lives they lived and what they have lost for not choosing God first. I am making an extra effort now to build habits now that will help me to choose God first from now onward. And I am going to try even harder to help those around me make correct decisions that will lead them to the straight and narrow path that leads to Everlasting Life.

Thanks for all your support that you've been giving me, Mom! I love you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 86: Working Hard with E. Stewart

Some of the Crew!
Hi Mom!

It's crazy that 2 years ago I opened my mission call... Back when I had a nice-looking chin... #mexicanfood haha. But time is sure going by quick. I feel that in the moment things seem to go slow, but then each P-day I look back and it seems like it went by super quick. I just want to do my best on staying focused and not leaving anything on the table. Elder Stewart is doing really good considering he only have 5 weeks left! He just tells everyone that he has "less than 2 years left" haha. He is a really funny guy! We get along really good, and we are working well together. He's a really good missionary. It will be weird when he leaves...

This week went well, aside from the fact that no investigators were at church again. I thing we are just going to have to drop more investigators to show the Lord we are willing to do anything to find the elect. I feel the biggest misunderstanding that people have out here is that of "every church is true because it talks about God." We try our best to correct this false doctrine, but a lot of people just aren't able to understand that there is one true church and proper authority. We taught a guy yesterday and it seemed like he was really understanding the apostasy and then the restoration, but then he went back to telling us about how all churches are God's church... In English work it was more about getting people to be humble and actually changing their lifestyle, but often times in Spanish it's about teaching so they understand.

We have one investigator on date for the 14 of May. Her name is A. She is really cool! We tracted inter her last week, had a lesson, and invited he to church. She said she'd go, but didn't show. She was pregnant when we met her, and it turns out she didn't show because she had her baby that day! She didn't come this week either because she is still recovering, but she is really smart and is willing to take steps toward baptism! Yay!

We also had a mini-missionary with us for one day on Saturday. He was one of the youth from the Encinitas Spanish branch! He was so little when I first met him, and now he is a senior in High School! We had a good day, and he was able to learn a lot too!

Not too much is happening aside from that. Hopefully we can find really solid investigators here pretty soon! Thanks for all that you do for me, Mom! I love you and hope all goes well for you and the family this week!


Elder Brian Farley

Hey Dad,

This week was good! Elder Stewart and I are getting along really well! The area is doing well, and we are seeing a lot of success too! We are teaching a woman named A who has a date for the 14th of May. She seems pretty promising! We have been doing a lot of tracting because it is actually effective here! That's how we found A. Other than her, our investigators have been kinda slacking. I feel like I just want to drop everyone who doesn't keep commitments to show God that I really want to have success. I don't want to just bike around Esco and get nothing done for the next 3 months or so. I want to have a ton of success, and I know it's possible! So we are expecting great things here!
Today, actually, E.S and I are fasting to try to find more ways we can consecrate our last weeks here in the mission, so as to find more success. I am becoming more and more willing to do the most I can each week. I feel kinda bad that it's taken me so long to give up all the little distractions and what not, but I know it'll bring the most fulfillment. There are a lot of things that I know I can improve on, and that will help me become a better person for now and forever onward. Having E.S here with me is a big help too! He knows how to work hard, and is very obedient!
I feel like no matter how close the end is, it wont feel real until it actually happens.
Not too much else has been going on. I feel like my weeks aren't super eventful like they were when I was an assistant, but its ok haha.
I am so grateful for you and what you do for me, Dad. I know that I wouldn't be where I am today, nor as happy as I am without your love and support. Families are definitely well thought out in heaven, because ours was made just right! I love you, Dad! I hope your week goes great!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 85: Two Transfers to GO!

Elder Green back for a visit!!
Hi Mom!

Well, it turns out that I am actually going to be getting a new comp. Elder Winterhalter is going to be transferred to Murrieta and I will be with Elder Stewart! (see Dad's email for more details.) Elder Stewart is really cool though. He is 26 years old and is from Colorado. He's one of the best Spanish speakers in the mission too! He served in this ward about a year ago and he loved it, so we will have fun! :) Save the Cinco de Mayo ties to be our twinning ties ;) haha. That's all I know about transfers though because I no longer have any privileges... haha.

The area is doing well! We have been picking up more people with good potential! Oddly enough, tracting is quite successful! We have found a lot of pretty solid people by doing it! There are so many Mexicans who have either taken the lessons before, or know other members, or are just willing to hear us out. Many times we just get people who think it doesn't matter what religion you are, that its "the same God, so it doesn't matter." But they are kinda missing the point of the message... The elect are out there, so we just need to find them. Elder Stewart is known for tracting, so we'll have fun.

Sounds like Sean had a fun time coming home. Your month of May will be pretty crazy! This month is almost over already! Not really, but it feels like it. The days go by slow, and the weeks go by pretty quick, but the months seem to fly by. To quote President Kendrick "Life is paradoxical, get used to it." haha. I don't really want to think about home, but it'll be here before I know it... I am just going to keep working my hardest and have a good time in the moment!

Not much else happening than that. Thanks! I did get the ties and the pants! Thanks so much! More snacks too! :)

Things are going good! I am happy and I know there is going to be a lot of success here in the area pretty soon! Thanks, as always, for all you do for me, Mom! I love you and hope this week goes great for you!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 84: Last General Conference as a Missionary. 92 Days Remaining

Morning Hike
Hey Mom!

This week went really well! I loved conference! There were so many things that I learned, and new insights I received! It is amazing how the Lord speaks through his servants directly to us. No matter where we are in life, or what our trial or challenge is, the Lord knows us and councils us for what we need.

I especially liked Elder Holland's talk! I love how he started. "Brothers and sisters, do you have any idea?..." And we are all like "Oh man. Whats he going to say?"
Him, "Do you have any notion or inkling whatsoever?..."
Us, "Of what, Elder Holland? What? I'm sorry, dont throw down on me too hard!"
Him, "Of how much we love you?"
Us, "Awe, thanks :')"
He is so great. I know that he and the other Apostles and the Prophet truly do speak with God. It's so amazing to have that guidance in our lives.

But later he says, "Now, I do see a couple of problems."
And we think "Haha, now here comes the throw down we've been waiting for!"
Him, "One is the fact that I am the only person standing between you..."
Us, "And who? Between us and who, Elder Holland??"
Him, "...and the ice cream you always have ready at the end of General Conference. I feel the weight of that burden."
I'm sitting there thinking, "haha, ok. He must be buttering us up for something..."
Him, "The other potential problem is captured in this photo that I saw recently on the internet."
Oh man... Here it comes! I wonder what it is??
Dinosaur meme. Elder Holland was just trolling everyone for the first few minutes of his talk ;) haha. But then he continued and delivered a powerful talk about hope and improvement and about the love of God for each of us.

This week for me was a really good one. Things are moving forward with our investigators, and we are seeming to have more and more success. Finding seems to always be the problem, but we are doing alright. We are starting to show some of the Church films to our investigators, because it captures their attention, allows us to help them understand the concepts of the gospel, plus it builds their desire to act! We hope to see some more success from it soon.

Everything has been going well though. I have a little bit of a fear that I am going to be transferred this time... I hope not, but I dont know. My hope is that we stay together for one more and then I get the greenie my last transfer. But I guess I will see God's plan for me unfold even more this next week. The Apes havent let me in on any secrets yet, but I've told them multiple times that they need to do whatever it takes to get me that greenie! haha.

Thanks for the update with everything thats been happening and for supporting me so well out here! I will be able to check later today if the packages came in. I did get the Easter package last week though! Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful week, Mom! Love you!

Elder Brian Farley