Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 84: Last General Conference as a Missionary. 92 Days Remaining

Morning Hike
Hey Mom!

This week went really well! I loved conference! There were so many things that I learned, and new insights I received! It is amazing how the Lord speaks through his servants directly to us. No matter where we are in life, or what our trial or challenge is, the Lord knows us and councils us for what we need.

I especially liked Elder Holland's talk! I love how he started. "Brothers and sisters, do you have any idea?..." And we are all like "Oh man. Whats he going to say?"
Him, "Do you have any notion or inkling whatsoever?..."
Us, "Of what, Elder Holland? What? I'm sorry, dont throw down on me too hard!"
Him, "Of how much we love you?"
Us, "Awe, thanks :')"
He is so great. I know that he and the other Apostles and the Prophet truly do speak with God. It's so amazing to have that guidance in our lives.

But later he says, "Now, I do see a couple of problems."
And we think "Haha, now here comes the throw down we've been waiting for!"
Him, "One is the fact that I am the only person standing between you..."
Us, "And who? Between us and who, Elder Holland??"
Him, "...and the ice cream you always have ready at the end of General Conference. I feel the weight of that burden."
I'm sitting there thinking, "haha, ok. He must be buttering us up for something..."
Him, "The other potential problem is captured in this photo that I saw recently on the internet."
Oh man... Here it comes! I wonder what it is??
Dinosaur meme. Elder Holland was just trolling everyone for the first few minutes of his talk ;) haha. But then he continued and delivered a powerful talk about hope and improvement and about the love of God for each of us.

This week for me was a really good one. Things are moving forward with our investigators, and we are seeming to have more and more success. Finding seems to always be the problem, but we are doing alright. We are starting to show some of the Church films to our investigators, because it captures their attention, allows us to help them understand the concepts of the gospel, plus it builds their desire to act! We hope to see some more success from it soon.

Everything has been going well though. I have a little bit of a fear that I am going to be transferred this time... I hope not, but I dont know. My hope is that we stay together for one more and then I get the greenie my last transfer. But I guess I will see God's plan for me unfold even more this next week. The Apes havent let me in on any secrets yet, but I've told them multiple times that they need to do whatever it takes to get me that greenie! haha.

Thanks for the update with everything thats been happening and for supporting me so well out here! I will be able to check later today if the packages came in. I did get the Easter package last week though! Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful week, Mom! Love you!

Elder Brian Farley

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