Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 86: Working Hard with E. Stewart

Some of the Crew!
Hi Mom!

It's crazy that 2 years ago I opened my mission call... Back when I had a nice-looking chin... #mexicanfood haha. But time is sure going by quick. I feel that in the moment things seem to go slow, but then each P-day I look back and it seems like it went by super quick. I just want to do my best on staying focused and not leaving anything on the table. Elder Stewart is doing really good considering he only have 5 weeks left! He just tells everyone that he has "less than 2 years left" haha. He is a really funny guy! We get along really good, and we are working well together. He's a really good missionary. It will be weird when he leaves...

This week went well, aside from the fact that no investigators were at church again. I thing we are just going to have to drop more investigators to show the Lord we are willing to do anything to find the elect. I feel the biggest misunderstanding that people have out here is that of "every church is true because it talks about God." We try our best to correct this false doctrine, but a lot of people just aren't able to understand that there is one true church and proper authority. We taught a guy yesterday and it seemed like he was really understanding the apostasy and then the restoration, but then he went back to telling us about how all churches are God's church... In English work it was more about getting people to be humble and actually changing their lifestyle, but often times in Spanish it's about teaching so they understand.

We have one investigator on date for the 14 of May. Her name is A. She is really cool! We tracted inter her last week, had a lesson, and invited he to church. She said she'd go, but didn't show. She was pregnant when we met her, and it turns out she didn't show because she had her baby that day! She didn't come this week either because she is still recovering, but she is really smart and is willing to take steps toward baptism! Yay!

We also had a mini-missionary with us for one day on Saturday. He was one of the youth from the Encinitas Spanish branch! He was so little when I first met him, and now he is a senior in High School! We had a good day, and he was able to learn a lot too!

Not too much is happening aside from that. Hopefully we can find really solid investigators here pretty soon! Thanks for all that you do for me, Mom! I love you and hope all goes well for you and the family this week!


Elder Brian Farley

Hey Dad,

This week was good! Elder Stewart and I are getting along really well! The area is doing well, and we are seeing a lot of success too! We are teaching a woman named A who has a date for the 14th of May. She seems pretty promising! We have been doing a lot of tracting because it is actually effective here! That's how we found A. Other than her, our investigators have been kinda slacking. I feel like I just want to drop everyone who doesn't keep commitments to show God that I really want to have success. I don't want to just bike around Esco and get nothing done for the next 3 months or so. I want to have a ton of success, and I know it's possible! So we are expecting great things here!
Today, actually, E.S and I are fasting to try to find more ways we can consecrate our last weeks here in the mission, so as to find more success. I am becoming more and more willing to do the most I can each week. I feel kinda bad that it's taken me so long to give up all the little distractions and what not, but I know it'll bring the most fulfillment. There are a lot of things that I know I can improve on, and that will help me become a better person for now and forever onward. Having E.S here with me is a big help too! He knows how to work hard, and is very obedient!
I feel like no matter how close the end is, it wont feel real until it actually happens.
Not too much else has been going on. I feel like my weeks aren't super eventful like they were when I was an assistant, but its ok haha.
I am so grateful for you and what you do for me, Dad. I know that I wouldn't be where I am today, nor as happy as I am without your love and support. Families are definitely well thought out in heaven, because ours was made just right! I love you, Dad! I hope your week goes great!

Elder Brian Farley

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