Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 92: Start Strong, Finish Stronger!

Spanish Conference 
Hi Mom!

So to start off this email I need to tell you that I'll be a little short on time these next 5 weeks while emailing because I am now enrolled in an online course that's been made for missionaries on their last transfer. It is meant to help them set goals and make plans to continue living the gospel after their missions and how to continue to develop good habits and attributes. It's called My Plan and it takes about 30min each p-day. But, regardless, I will try to fill you in on everything that's happened!

So this week was kinda slow, and it seemed to fly by at the same time. Elder (ninja turtle) Castillo is a good kid. He is very well prepared for his mission and already has a good skill set. He has to learn Spanish though because he never learned it back at home, and he is a little tired from all the running, biking and planning ;) haha. I told him it will probably get worse until like week 3 or so, then it'll improve. haha. He has a great attitude about everything though and I feel like he will be a really successful missionary! PK already told him we only have 6 weeks together, but I dont think he told him that this is my last transfer. So he isn't freaking out that he'll have to run the area after 5 more weeks. So thats all good. He doesn't know, as far as I know, about my past assignments either which is good as well. So overall, he is a great "Issac" for an old "Abraham." ;)

This week went well though. We picked up a lot of new people and then kept half of them as new investigators. They just drop us as if we never taught them. We are still working with J. and we are now teaching her sister as well! I feel like there are so many elect people in Esco, and I just wonder where they are! haha. I really want to see another person I teach get baptized before the end and what not. That'd be sweet :)

There were a few long days with meetings and what not, but they were good. The trainer meeting went overtime and then right after that was the Spanish Conference. We got home right in time for dinner and then only had like 3 hour of proselyting the whole day... But everyday we are out working hard! On Sunday we biked probably around 30 miles! haha. E.C. is keeping up pretty well though! I really hope to see some more success soon!

It's exciting to hear about everything going on at home! I hope everything continues to go according to schedule! That's about it for me here! Thanks for all you do for me! I love you and hope you have a great week! :)

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 91: A Greenie, FINALLY!

Hey Mom!

It sounds like there have been a lot of exciting things going on at home! I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that everyone is safe and happy too!

So this week kinda felt like a blur... But from what I remember, it went pretty well. So first off, the zone has a goal of 12 baptisms for this quarter of the year (April-June). The quarter is basically made up of 2 transfers, so we are about halfway right now. But, our zone already have 11 baptism! WHOOO! Last night there were 5 baptisms at once! Crazy stuff! And E.S and I set a baptismal date too! Her name is J. Her mom, and grandpa are less-active members and but don't really have a reason to be less-active. She told us she really likes the meaning of repentance and that she wants to improve and come closer to God. She's only 15, so we are going to need to find her a ride, or re-activate the rest of the family as well. So that is one good thing that happened. We have a lot of other people who are really close to have a date. There is one lady who the sisters met who was given a Book of Mormon and really wants us to stop by and teach her more, as well as another lady who the sisters actually taught and set a date with, but came to find out that she is in our area. The sisters just really want to help us out, I guess! haha. We have a lot of good leads and opportunities to start teaching a lot of people. Little Elder Castillo will be happy ;)

So back in like January I remember seeing Elder Castillo come up on the missionary roster online. I thought to myself "Finally! There's a Spanish Elder finally coming in!... But that's not for a while, that'll be my last transfer... I'll just half-train him my last transfer." and now look what's happening! haha. I feel like I was partly joking with myself, but it turns out that that's the actual plan! I am super stoked! I probably don't know much more about him than you do. He is Hispanic, from Florida, best friends with Elder Rudd, doesn't really speak Spanish... what else? I will definitely know a lot more about him next week! But I am making preparations to start him off the very best, and to build the very best of habits now, so he'll be a stud when I'm gone! He's going to be the best Spanish missionary!

Other than all of that, we are going to be eating dinner with one of our investigators tomorrow. She is the Colombian woman, S. We told her that we see all of our teaching to lead toward baptism, and she's fine with that! She does need to learn a lot before that though. I still think she doesn't believe in the Resurrection yet, but we are working with her haha.

Zone Conference was good. It was a good one to end on. It was a training mainly to help remind everyone about the helpful tools we can use when teaching and what teaching skills we can practice. Then President talked about the importance of being cheerful, and how it's our moral obligation to be happy. It's a cool concept. Then he talked about the mission goal. It was really good overall.

I can't really think of much else that's going on right now. I know that we will be seeing a lot more things going on now that we have more potential investigators now! I still need to write down a list of everything I want to teach little Rafael (thats his middle name haha). But that's about it on my end! I love you and hope your week goes great! One transfer left...😬

Elder Brian Farley

ps. Yes, emailing will be on Tuesday next week.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 90: Last Week for E.S. & a Baptism, too!

Hi Mom!

This week was really good! It started out pretty slow, but it picked up pretty well after A's baptism. I guess God doesn't want us to have too many elect people at one time or something haha. But the baptism went well! Like most other baptisms, it was hectic and crazy beforehand and ended up going well. To start off, our ward mission leader told us that we had to make the programs, so that was our first task. Unfortunately, we were not informed of that until the night before the baptism. So we asked the ZLs if they could give us a ride to the Stake Center so we could use the Family History Center to make some programs. The plan was to get picked up at 2, finish the program and be back home by 3, go out and work for a bit, then get picked up and taken to the baptism at 5 so we could fill the font and what not. The ZL's didn't get there until 3:45 and we took a little longer to make the programs, so we ended up getting to the church at 5:10. Then we had to clean the font because someone walked through it with muddy boots. We started filling the font at like 5:20 and, to make it worse, there was no hot water. So, even though it was going to start late and be cold, we were still hoping for the best! We asked A. to get there at 5:30, so we decided to text her and ask if she was close at like 5:32. She texted back telling us that she wouldn't be able to make it. Right as we asked her why not, we saw her walking up with her stroller. She just wanted to give us a little scare! haha. E. S. told me afterward that he was thinking "I knew it was too good to be true!" when she texted that haha. But regardless of everything, the baptism went well. A. is super solid! Turns out that she's only 22, only a couple weeks older than Sean!

But, now that A. is baptized, we have to start finding some more people. Just yesterday we met a Colombian woman who told us that she'd come to church and who seems pretty solid, as well as a woman who just arrived from Mexico where her husband was killed and she was left with almost nothing, and a whole family that seem like they have good potential! Crazy stuff happening here in Esco!

E. S. said that "He's too old for that kind of stuff" talking about being trunky and what not. haha. He is honestly doing really well! He is acting as though he really does have 2 years left! haha. I think it's really easy to be trunky when you dont have much going on, so I figure the best way to combat trunkiness in working hard and having a lot of things going on! :)

But thats about it for me. I'm glad to hear that you have been keeping busy and having a good time traveling. Thanks for everything you do for me! I love you and I hope you have a fantastic week! :)

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 89: Cinco de Mayo & Mother's Day Skype

Hey Mom!

It was really good to see you and the family yesterday! I feel like there have been quite a few changes since last time, but nothing too crazy. Like I said yesterday, it just feels weird. I dont even know what feels weird, but it does. Maybe it just doesnt feel like I am getting near the end. But I'm not going to worry about it. haha.

Nothing much to report on aside from what I already told you, but I will give you a little bit of Cinco de Mayo deep doctrine ;)

So E.S. and his family are like deep doctrine masters, and he's let me in on some. Cinco de Mayo is in memory of a battle between the French and Mexican armies in Puebla, Mexico in 1862. So in Alma 16:1 we read that there was a "cry of war" in "the fifth day of the second month..." Then we go to 3 Nephi 8:5 and it talks about the destruction that commenced at the death of Christ. But it says in the "first month..." So Christ was crucified in April (month 4), so that means the Nephite calendar was off by 3 months. Alma 16:1 says the war was the 2nd month and the 5th day, so if we add 3 months to that date it becomes the 5th of May. Whoooaaa! Mind blown! This is one of the few specific dates mentioned in the Book of Mormon, so it's pretty interesting. It's more like a little Easter egg that was put in. haha. Anyway, that's the bit of Cinco de Mayo deep doctrine for you ;)

Well, other than that, I think thats it. Thanks for all you do for me, Mom! Love you!


Elder Brian Farley

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 88: si Dios quiere

New Mexico '505' Green Chili
Hi Mom!

This week was pretty good. A came to church a little late this Sunday, but she came! E didn't come, but we stopped by to teach A the Word of Wisdom and he showed up there at the end. We got his number and are going to be setting up a time to meet with him. A is so solid! She's been taught all the commandments and is totally willing to keep them all! She still walks to church even if we offer her rides... I am thinking she probably doesn't feel super comfortable accepting rides yet, but that's ok. There was an activity on Saturday at a park about a mile and a half from where we live, and A said she'd go "si Dios quiere" which basically means "if God wants it to happen." Which, for most people here means they won't go, but for A it probably means that she'd actually pray about it and see if God wants it to happen! haha. We were heading to lunch with a member, and we saw her on the other side of the street walking to the activity. We just thought that she'd not really want us to help her considering she usually doesn't want rides to church, but she had us cross the street and take her diaper bag. She told us she'd get there in like 45 min. We went and ate lunch really quick and then started off to the park, and we found her not too far ahead at a fast food joint. She said that she missed the bus and thought it was too late to go now, but, miraculously enough, the bishops wife and kids were eating at the table behind her and were able to give her a ride! Another cool little miracle right there! :) But we are still working here and there with some of our other investigators. I feel like we will be able to move forward with E here pretty soon. We'll see who's ready next to make an amazing commitment with God!

Your week sounds like it was intense! I guess an exciting week can be fun in a way! haha.

E.S. is doing well. He just keeps saying that he has 2 years left. haha. We say things like "We can all go have a Star Wars movie marathon!... Well, in 2 years when I finish my mission!" He is doing really well with keeping himself focused and on top of everything. I think its weird that he leaves in 3 weeks! He's the least trunky companion that I've had who are on their last transfer. So things are going well! I hope to be that focused when I am on my last transfer... In a little less than 2 years ;) haha.
P-Day Activity
So I almost forgot, but I asked about skyping and got a place. They told us the hermanans will be over there at 4:00 to do it (which is super late and I don't know why they chose that time), but I asked if we could do it earlier. The member said yes, but we will need to set the specific time. 2:00 will work fine. But yeah... All will be well for Sunday!

That's about all that I've got. Thanks for everything you do for me, Mom! I love you, and hope that this next week is another fun one! :)


Elder Brian Farley