Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 88: si Dios quiere

New Mexico '505' Green Chili
Hi Mom!

This week was pretty good. A came to church a little late this Sunday, but she came! E didn't come, but we stopped by to teach A the Word of Wisdom and he showed up there at the end. We got his number and are going to be setting up a time to meet with him. A is so solid! She's been taught all the commandments and is totally willing to keep them all! She still walks to church even if we offer her rides... I am thinking she probably doesn't feel super comfortable accepting rides yet, but that's ok. There was an activity on Saturday at a park about a mile and a half from where we live, and A said she'd go "si Dios quiere" which basically means "if God wants it to happen." Which, for most people here means they won't go, but for A it probably means that she'd actually pray about it and see if God wants it to happen! haha. We were heading to lunch with a member, and we saw her on the other side of the street walking to the activity. We just thought that she'd not really want us to help her considering she usually doesn't want rides to church, but she had us cross the street and take her diaper bag. She told us she'd get there in like 45 min. We went and ate lunch really quick and then started off to the park, and we found her not too far ahead at a fast food joint. She said that she missed the bus and thought it was too late to go now, but, miraculously enough, the bishops wife and kids were eating at the table behind her and were able to give her a ride! Another cool little miracle right there! :) But we are still working here and there with some of our other investigators. I feel like we will be able to move forward with E here pretty soon. We'll see who's ready next to make an amazing commitment with God!

Your week sounds like it was intense! I guess an exciting week can be fun in a way! haha.

E.S. is doing well. He just keeps saying that he has 2 years left. haha. We say things like "We can all go have a Star Wars movie marathon!... Well, in 2 years when I finish my mission!" He is doing really well with keeping himself focused and on top of everything. I think its weird that he leaves in 3 weeks! He's the least trunky companion that I've had who are on their last transfer. So things are going well! I hope to be that focused when I am on my last transfer... In a little less than 2 years ;) haha.
P-Day Activity
So I almost forgot, but I asked about skyping and got a place. They told us the hermanans will be over there at 4:00 to do it (which is super late and I don't know why they chose that time), but I asked if we could do it earlier. The member said yes, but we will need to set the specific time. 2:00 will work fine. But yeah... All will be well for Sunday!

That's about all that I've got. Thanks for everything you do for me, Mom! I love you, and hope that this next week is another fun one! :)


Elder Brian Farley

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