Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 90: Last Week for E.S. & a Baptism, too!

Hi Mom!

This week was really good! It started out pretty slow, but it picked up pretty well after A's baptism. I guess God doesn't want us to have too many elect people at one time or something haha. But the baptism went well! Like most other baptisms, it was hectic and crazy beforehand and ended up going well. To start off, our ward mission leader told us that we had to make the programs, so that was our first task. Unfortunately, we were not informed of that until the night before the baptism. So we asked the ZLs if they could give us a ride to the Stake Center so we could use the Family History Center to make some programs. The plan was to get picked up at 2, finish the program and be back home by 3, go out and work for a bit, then get picked up and taken to the baptism at 5 so we could fill the font and what not. The ZL's didn't get there until 3:45 and we took a little longer to make the programs, so we ended up getting to the church at 5:10. Then we had to clean the font because someone walked through it with muddy boots. We started filling the font at like 5:20 and, to make it worse, there was no hot water. So, even though it was going to start late and be cold, we were still hoping for the best! We asked A. to get there at 5:30, so we decided to text her and ask if she was close at like 5:32. She texted back telling us that she wouldn't be able to make it. Right as we asked her why not, we saw her walking up with her stroller. She just wanted to give us a little scare! haha. E. S. told me afterward that he was thinking "I knew it was too good to be true!" when she texted that haha. But regardless of everything, the baptism went well. A. is super solid! Turns out that she's only 22, only a couple weeks older than Sean!

But, now that A. is baptized, we have to start finding some more people. Just yesterday we met a Colombian woman who told us that she'd come to church and who seems pretty solid, as well as a woman who just arrived from Mexico where her husband was killed and she was left with almost nothing, and a whole family that seem like they have good potential! Crazy stuff happening here in Esco!

E. S. said that "He's too old for that kind of stuff" talking about being trunky and what not. haha. He is honestly doing really well! He is acting as though he really does have 2 years left! haha. I think it's really easy to be trunky when you dont have much going on, so I figure the best way to combat trunkiness in working hard and having a lot of things going on! :)

But thats about it for me. I'm glad to hear that you have been keeping busy and having a good time traveling. Thanks for everything you do for me! I love you and I hope you have a fantastic week! :)

Elder Brian Farley

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