Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 91: A Greenie, FINALLY!

Hey Mom!

It sounds like there have been a lot of exciting things going on at home! I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that everyone is safe and happy too!

So this week kinda felt like a blur... But from what I remember, it went pretty well. So first off, the zone has a goal of 12 baptisms for this quarter of the year (April-June). The quarter is basically made up of 2 transfers, so we are about halfway right now. But, our zone already have 11 baptism! WHOOO! Last night there were 5 baptisms at once! Crazy stuff! And E.S and I set a baptismal date too! Her name is J. Her mom, and grandpa are less-active members and but don't really have a reason to be less-active. She told us she really likes the meaning of repentance and that she wants to improve and come closer to God. She's only 15, so we are going to need to find her a ride, or re-activate the rest of the family as well. So that is one good thing that happened. We have a lot of other people who are really close to have a date. There is one lady who the sisters met who was given a Book of Mormon and really wants us to stop by and teach her more, as well as another lady who the sisters actually taught and set a date with, but came to find out that she is in our area. The sisters just really want to help us out, I guess! haha. We have a lot of good leads and opportunities to start teaching a lot of people. Little Elder Castillo will be happy ;)

So back in like January I remember seeing Elder Castillo come up on the missionary roster online. I thought to myself "Finally! There's a Spanish Elder finally coming in!... But that's not for a while, that'll be my last transfer... I'll just half-train him my last transfer." and now look what's happening! haha. I feel like I was partly joking with myself, but it turns out that that's the actual plan! I am super stoked! I probably don't know much more about him than you do. He is Hispanic, from Florida, best friends with Elder Rudd, doesn't really speak Spanish... what else? I will definitely know a lot more about him next week! But I am making preparations to start him off the very best, and to build the very best of habits now, so he'll be a stud when I'm gone! He's going to be the best Spanish missionary!

Other than all of that, we are going to be eating dinner with one of our investigators tomorrow. She is the Colombian woman, S. We told her that we see all of our teaching to lead toward baptism, and she's fine with that! She does need to learn a lot before that though. I still think she doesn't believe in the Resurrection yet, but we are working with her haha.

Zone Conference was good. It was a good one to end on. It was a training mainly to help remind everyone about the helpful tools we can use when teaching and what teaching skills we can practice. Then President talked about the importance of being cheerful, and how it's our moral obligation to be happy. It's a cool concept. Then he talked about the mission goal. It was really good overall.

I can't really think of much else that's going on right now. I know that we will be seeing a lot more things going on now that we have more potential investigators now! I still need to write down a list of everything I want to teach little Rafael (thats his middle name haha). But that's about it on my end! I love you and hope your week goes great! One transfer left...😬

Elder Brian Farley

ps. Yes, emailing will be on Tuesday next week.