Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 92: Start Strong, Finish Stronger!

Spanish Conference 
Hi Mom!

So to start off this email I need to tell you that I'll be a little short on time these next 5 weeks while emailing because I am now enrolled in an online course that's been made for missionaries on their last transfer. It is meant to help them set goals and make plans to continue living the gospel after their missions and how to continue to develop good habits and attributes. It's called My Plan and it takes about 30min each p-day. But, regardless, I will try to fill you in on everything that's happened!

So this week was kinda slow, and it seemed to fly by at the same time. Elder (ninja turtle) Castillo is a good kid. He is very well prepared for his mission and already has a good skill set. He has to learn Spanish though because he never learned it back at home, and he is a little tired from all the running, biking and planning ;) haha. I told him it will probably get worse until like week 3 or so, then it'll improve. haha. He has a great attitude about everything though and I feel like he will be a really successful missionary! PK already told him we only have 6 weeks together, but I dont think he told him that this is my last transfer. So he isn't freaking out that he'll have to run the area after 5 more weeks. So thats all good. He doesn't know, as far as I know, about my past assignments either which is good as well. So overall, he is a great "Issac" for an old "Abraham." ;)

This week went well though. We picked up a lot of new people and then kept half of them as new investigators. They just drop us as if we never taught them. We are still working with J. and we are now teaching her sister as well! I feel like there are so many elect people in Esco, and I just wonder where they are! haha. I really want to see another person I teach get baptized before the end and what not. That'd be sweet :)

There were a few long days with meetings and what not, but they were good. The trainer meeting went overtime and then right after that was the Spanish Conference. We got home right in time for dinner and then only had like 3 hour of proselyting the whole day... But everyday we are out working hard! On Sunday we biked probably around 30 miles! haha. E.C. is keeping up pretty well though! I really hope to see some more success soon!

It's exciting to hear about everything going on at home! I hope everything continues to go according to schedule! That's about it for me here! Thanks for all you do for me! I love you and hope you have a great week! :)

Elder Brian Farley