Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 96: So Far It's Been a Good Run!

Hi Mom!

I think next week I am going to email one email to you just about how I've seen my mission and the things that I've learned. I will be packing here and there throughout this week, so I'll probably have about an hour to email next p-day. So far it's been a good run, but I still got a week more of running here! I don't know what my feelings are. Probably nervous most of all... haha. But I know all will go well. No regrets, so I will be sure to have none this last week!

This week went well. I describe J as an "in the moment" kind of person. In the moment of being taught, she really loves it and wants to change, but shortly thereafter she forgets what she has to do because she get caught up in the moment with something else. I think a lot of the people we work with are that way. They are really willing to have us teach them, but not willing (or they forget) to do whats necessary when we aren't there. However, we did find someone who seems to be really promising. We were contacting a lady at the bus stop, and then another guy in an electric wheelchair pulls up and asks, "Are you guys the Mormons?"
               "Yes, we are."
               "Cool, my mom and sister were just talking about you guys. They'd like for you to come and visit them. They live in this building, number 203."
He didn't have to tell me twice! We biked right on over there and went and talked to his mom. Her name is M. She has met with missionaries in the past, but is now a lot more open to them. She accepted the restoration, is reading the Book of Mormon, and came to church yesterday! We even set a baptismal date with her already! haha. She could potentially be baptized a day before I go home, but I am guessing she will be baptized the 16th of July (my 2 year mark!). We shall see what happens. So far she is pretty golden though! This week we also picked up like 10 other new investigators! haha. I don't know why these past few weeks were so slow, but this week was super busy and successful! I am glad for all of that. I hope I can leave E.C with a lot going on in his area. Speaking of him, I didn't break the news to him in the temple. I got a call from PK about my exit interview, and then I had to tell him. But I still stuck with my plan for the most part! I gave him the list of scriptures and told him to study it for personal study. When we began comp study and talked about what we learned, he told me that he thinks I was trying to say "I'm a missionary, but I'm giving up my responsibilities to you. I'm dying soon, and I'm going home to my friends and family." Amazing what you can communicate with the scriptures ;) haha. But then he said it doesn't make sense because I am leaving in November. I told him the truth and he was good after that. A little surprised, but he handled it well. The Temple was really good. I will still get one more before I go, so that will be exciting!

PK and SK leave on the 30th I believe. PK didn't want to make a big deal about leaving and distract the mission, so he just went to all the ZTMs and bore his testimony along with SK. He is a really professional kind of guy. We are going to be having a zone review with PT and is wife this Friday... That will be super weird! But I will sustain him. I mean, he's going to be my mission president for such a long time, so I have to, right?;) haha.

Thanks for continually supporting me in my mission, Mom! I hope this week goes great! I'll send an email and answer any last minute questions you have next week, but other than that, I'll see you in about 10 days! Love you!


Elder Brian Farley